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Interest and ability in art began in childhood with the encouragement of family. Using a variety of artist's media, I experimented and explored with art during much of my younger years.


After entering college, my art materials of choice became acrylic and oil paints. However, the academic rigors of architecture school and the later necessities of earning a living and raising children required me to interrupt and postpone until another time the pure pleasure of painting.That "another time" arrived a few years ago when I began to paint again.


My philosophy of art is relatively simple; painting is a very liberating activity for me. I feel no constraints nor limitations in pursuing the composition, images and color palette I choose to paint on canvas. Abstract painting encourages this type of unrestricted freedom of thought. Painting has become for me a metaphor on how to live life; fearless, passionate and a joyfull journey.




Master of Architecture 2001

Bachelor of Architecture 1976

Professor of Architecture 1982 to present

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